About Protection of Personal Information

Under the “Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance” (PDPO) in Hong Kong,  Anaxis Ltd. and Anaxis Group related companies(hereinafter referred to as "Anaxis Group") recognize the necessity and importance of protecting personal information. Anaxis Group establishes the basic policy on personal information protection as described below, thoroughly informing all employees and also strictly observing the policies to protect personal information.

1.Basic Policy

1.Anaxis Group corporation will comply with the laws related to the appropriate handling of personal information, including thePDPO and relevant government guidelines on personal information.

2.Anaxis Group corporation will properly conduct personal information acquisition and will only use the personal information within the scope of the purpose of use previously announced  notified, or specified at the time of acquisition, except in the case specified by law.

3.Anaxis Group corporation will appropriately perform safety management concerning the handling of personal information including information security to prevent loss, modification, leakage, etc. of personal information.

4.Anaxis Group corporation will regularly review the management system for the protection of personal information and will strive to improve it continuously.


2.On using Personal Information

Anaxis Group will publish the purpose of using personal information and shared usage in advance by posting "About Protection of PersonalInformation" on this website.

<1> Purpose of Using Personal Information

(1) Guidance and provision of management consulting services, HR consulting services, legal affairs, and other services provided by Anaxis Group

(2) Information offered by publications of Anaxis Group (including newsletters, web site, e-mail, etc.) and information on sales and subscription

(3) Information on seminars, workshop and their respective management

(4) Recruitment selection as well as employment management after recruitment of staff, etc. (including officers, employees engaged in business within the Anaxis Group, regardless of title etc)

(5) Activities such as accepting recommendations, statistics, surveys, etc. related to services provided by Anaxis Group as well as consulting with public organization.

(6) Responses to various inquiries to Anaxis Group

(7) Comprehensive risk management based on the necessity of legal compliance, quality control, etc.


<2> Shared Use Within Anaxis Group

Each company of Anaxis Group shall jointly use the acquired personal information with Anaxis Group within the scope of the above purpose or with members of the Anaxis Alliance with equal or more personal information management provisions.


(1) Items that may be shared:

[External Information]

· Name (including employee / affiliation / title etc specifying name),address, telephone number, fax number, e-mail address, requested matter etc.

· Matters concerning inquiries

· Matters concerning service provision

[Internal information (employee information)]

· Name, appraisal result, and other management information

(2) Scope of persons with shared usage rights:

· Anaxis Group

· Members of Anaxis Alliance with personal information management rules equal or superior to those of Anaxis Group

(3) Shared use management chief administrator: Anaxis Ltd.


<3> Third Party Provision

Anaxis Group and members of the Anaxis Alliance in principle will not share information with third parties, excluding cases where the obtained personal data is specified in laws and regulations, and the case where the consent of the principal is recognized based on the purpose of laws and ordinances.


3.On management of personal information


(1)  Anaxis Group will take appropriate information security measures against unauthorized access, computer viruses, etc. in order to safely manage personal information and to prevent loss, destruction, falsification and leakage of personal information.

(2) Anaxis Group will appoint a person in charge of personal information management in each company and department, and implement appropriate management of personal information. For employees, staff and other workers, we will provide training on the protection and proper management of personal information, etc., and will thoroughly handle personal information on a daily basis.

(3) Anaxis Group will appropriately supervise employees and outsourcers regarding the handling of personal information.

(4) All members of the Anaxis Alliance who will share personal information will observe this clause.


4.Procedure to respond to requests for disclosure etc. of retained personal data


Anaxis Group will, concerning personal data, respond appropriately according to laws and regulations by disclosing, correcting, etc, based on thePersonal Information Protection Law.

(1) Procedure: Please contact the reception desk below. Specific methods will be informed individually.

(2) Anaxis Group General reception desk:

Anaxis Ltd.



5.Complaints and Inquiries

If you have any complaints about using personal information by AnaxisGroup or have any opinions or questions, please contact Anaxis Ltd. above.

*Excluding the case of shared usage, management of personal information is carried out by Anaxis Group at their respective responsibilities, and individuals constituting the Anaxis Group or members of the Anaxis Alliance do not hold shared responsibility without any specific circumstances.