About the Membership Contract

◆ Membership service fee structure for human resources consulting
/Monthly charges will be determined according to the number of local employees at the time of contract (white-collar workers). Please contact us for details.


◆Labor laws and other regulations Q&A
◆Problem solving and advice on human management issues
/Unlimited consultation at a flat rate on an hourly/ timely basis  
/Consultation by e-mail, telephone, meeting at our office...


◆ Free courses on various topics
/Foundation course covering basics of labor relations: recruitment/evaluation/human development, etc, held in small, select groups
◆ Human Resources and Labor laws Seminar
/Seminar explai...


◆ Distribution of human resources and labor laws related news
/Explanation of current events in the field of human resources
/Explanation of revisions to labor related laws and regulations
/Explanation and commentary on ...

Premium Service (Optional)

◆ Human resources due diligence
/Extract issues related to organizational personnel by measuring the gap between the company's goal and reality. On the labor side, company’s compliance with the latest laws and regulations is reviewe...