About the Membership Contract

◆ Membership service fee structure for human resources consulting
/Monthly charges will be determined according to the number of local employees at the time of contract (white-collar workers). Please contact us for details.


◆Labor laws and other regulations Q&A
◆Problem solving and advice on human management issues
/Unlimited consultation at a flat rate on an hourly/ timely basis  
/Consultation by e-mail, telephone, meeting at our office...


◆ Free courses on various topics
/Foundation course covering basics of labor relations: recruitment/evaluation/human development, etc, held in small, select groups
◆ Human Resources and Labor laws Seminar
/Seminar explai...


◆ Distribution of human resources and labor laws related news
/Explanation of current events in the field of human resources
/Explanation of revisions to labor related laws and regulations
/Explanation and commentary on ...

Premium Service (Optional)

◆ Human resources due diligence
/Extract issues related to organizational personnel by measuring the gap between the company's goal and reality. On the labor side, company’s compliance with the latest laws and regulations is reviewe...

Designing Organizational Strategy

We will support designing organizational strategies.
Lots of our experiments will help your change management.

HR System Construction Project

◆ Support establishment and revision of personnel system through grades, remuneration, and evaluation, etc.
/Supported personnel systems best suited for Hong Kong and China by job based grading
◆ Establish a wage system, evalu...

Organizational Culture Reform Project

◆ Thorough support aligned with company mission and vision
◆ Company culture reform project aimed to create an independent organization
◆ Localization project

Strategic Restructuring Support

In recent years, with respect to Asian strategies, the appropriate measures for organization and personnel placement has been questioned. Anaxis provides sincere consulting based on long experience with company mergers, shrinks, and withdra...

Labor Relations Spot Job

◆ Creating and modifying employment rules
/Full customization in accordance to goal scenario and current reality
◆ Preparation of various documents
/Dismissal letter, warning letter, etc.
◆ Dismissal support

Executive Training

One of the most important tasks of local subsidiaries in Asia is executive development and retention. We will manage not only the training but organization development and human resource development projects.
/Hands on executive deve...

In-house trainer development project

The key to human resource development is internalization.
◆ “Learn from teaching” project to develop executive candidates as in-house trainers

Leadership Development

◆Leadership training
◆Follower development
◆Develop leaders for the next generation
◆Life plan design for independent development

Anaxis Alliances

Professional consultant’s guild

Anaxis Ltd. has formed a strong alliance with professionals in various fields to ensure the optimal solutions to our customers.
Our alliance mission is: “A professional consultant allian...

Alliance Partners

Mizuno Consultancy Holdings Limited (Hong Kong Consulting)

TIAN SHI CHUANG, Inc. (Shanghai Headhunting)

Nakajima Jun (Independent Consultant)(https://www.nakajimajun.com/)

Veritas Consulting, Inc. (Jap...