Optimal Solutions For Global Management
Mission Management Leading by Mission
In China, we have formed an alliance with Yuandian Consulting (Shenzhen) Ltd., and provide human capital management and labor consulting services to subscribed members.
We support organization strategy planning and give advice for better management. We will create a better for environment for organizations and individuals seeking for more effective management strategies.
One of the most important tasks of local subsidiaries in Asia is development and retention of executive. We will manage not only the training but organization development and human resource development projects.
Anaxis Ltd. has formed a strong alliance with professionals in various fields to ensure the optimal solutions to our customers. We will cross borders and competitive barriers to provide up-to-date optimal solutions to cu

Who Anaxis is?

Three founders of SMC and Anchor, Asia’s one of the first membership-based personnel labor consulting company founded in 1993, established Anaxis ltd. as a management consulting firm with a wider perspective to Asia as a whole. To begin with, consultants

Our Mission

We will provide optimal solutions to clients committed to respectively serving their employees and organization. Together, we can create lasting impressions to influence the world.

Our Vision

We aim to establish thriving companies dedicated to an axis as the high standard for mission oriented management.


飯泉 雅明Chairman

Masaaki Iizumi

1978: Joined AIU Insurance Company. In 1980, moved to Hong Kong as a Japanese insurance agency’s first Hong Kong branch manager.
1993: Established South East Asia’s first labor low related consulting company, STAFF MANAGEMENT CONSULTANCY LTD. (SMC).
2002: Together with Mr. Kurosaki, established recruitment and human resources management consulting firm Anchor HRM Consulting Ltd., expanding business to HRM area.
2011: Due to business merger with Intelligence China, changed company name to Intelligence SMC Consulting Ltd., and assumed the position of managing director. Retired in late March of 2016.
2016 April: Together with two partners, established Anaxis, Asia’s management consulting firm. 

Mr. Iizumi has invaluable experience from past 27 years, in which he served  as the lecturer for Hong Kong Chamber of Commerce and Industry wage seminar every year, a rare and indispensable in Hong Kong. He specializes in general labor, dismissal, and other labor relations.

黒崎 幸良Managing Director

Yukiyoshi Kurosaki

Studied behavioral science in university, and in 1986, joined Recruit Co. Ltd..
1992: As the project leader for Recruit’s China sector, developed business in Beijing and Shanghai.
1999: Return to Recruit headquarters in Japan and worked at Recruit’s HRM consulting  devision..
2002: Established Anchor HRM Consulting Ltd.,as C.E.O. and at the same time, Joined Staff Management Consultancy Ltd.(SMC)’s management.
2011: With merger with Intelligence China, assumed the position of managing director Intelligence Hong Kong Ltd. and Intelligence SMC Consulting Ltd.’s general manager.
2012: Moves to Shanghai as C.E.O. of Intelligence China and Hong Kong business.
2014: Installed as COO of TS Kelly Workforce Solutions Ltd., joint venture company of Temp Holdings and USA’s Kelly Service. Promotes PMI(Post Merger Integration). In 2016 late March, with fulfillment of contract term, amicably retires all position.
2016 April: Established Asia’s management consulting firm Anaxis Ltd. in Hong Kong. 

Mr. Kurosaki specializes in organization development, change management, HR system, recruitment consulting, dismissal, compliance, and post merger integration (PMI).

北尾 直樹General Manager

Naoki Kitao

1993: Studied abroad in Shanghai Eastern Normal University while in college. Upon graduation, became active in Chinese business operation through security company, human resource services, and semiconductor manufacturer.
2006: Joined Staff Management Consultancy Ltd.(SMC) and Anchor HRM Consulting Ltd. group’s management.
2007: Established Anchor HRM Consulting (Shenzhen) Ltd. as C.E.O., and in 2009, established the first wholly foreign-owned recruitment company in Shen Zhen.
2011: SMC, Anchor Group, and Intelligence’s China Corporation merged. assumed the position of director for South China.
2013: Following business integration with Temp Group, accepts position as director of Intelligence China’s North Area (Beijing, Tianjing, Dalian) and South Area (Guangzhou, Shenzhen), and general manager of personnel labor consulting firm Intelligence Anchor Consulting(Shenzhen) Ltd.
2016 March: Amicably retires from all position.
2016 April: Established Asia’s management consulting firm Anaxis Ltd. in Hong Kong, and established Anaxis China in September. 

Mr.Kitao holds a total of 18 years of experience in business management/HR consulting in China. Lectures in seminars at various locations.

牧野祥子General Manager of Anaxis Hong Kong

Sachiko Makino

After handling Hong Kong/ China market in the overseas sales department of a Japanese manufacturer
2005: Joined Staff Management Consultancy Ltd. Promoted to be the General Manager in 2016
2017: Joined Anaxis Ltd's manamgement

In the past 15 years, Ms. Makino involved in near 2000 consultation cases in various fields including daily HR management in Hong Kong, transfer of business to China, merger/ closure/ termination of employment etc. 

Yvonne TseConsultant

2005: Graduated from the Faculty of Science of The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Joined a visa agent and supported over 600 Japanese expatriates and their families to obtain working visa, dependent visa and training visa etc. in Hong Kong successfully.
2008: Joined Staff Management Consultancy Ltd. as HR Consultant.
2011-2017: Worked as an in-house HR for 2 Japanese Trading Companies in Hong Kong.
2017 Joined Anaxis Ltd.

Ms. Yvonne accumulated over 14 years experience in various HR fields. With 6 years expertise in HR consulting industry and 6 years in-house HR experience, she is familiar in providing the most optimal solutions in law-related HR management consultation.


Wang RuiChief Legal Counsel in PRC

Wang Rui

2007:Graduated from Department of Business Law, Faculty of Law of Toyo University

2008:Passed in Legal Examination in China and actively performs at the forefront asthe advisor in the HR field.

While performing as a legal expert, he has been involved in numerous projects of establishment of HR System and acts as a lecturer in training field such as management training etc.